End of Life Plan

What’s End-of-life?

End-of-life is a term used to nominate the expiry date of a product supplied to customers, in other words, it defines when a product will no longer be available and/or supported.

What about SKUDONET’s “End-of-Life”?

SKUDONET’s products reach the End-of-life 5 years after their release date and the product will be supported 6 years from its release date. SKUDONET establishes a life cycle period for all its products in order to help companies strategically decide how this expiry date will impact their technological projects or infrastructures.

Why SKUDONET products has an End-of-Life?

Our solutions reach the End-of-life for different reasons:

  • New features and Technology innovation: As a result of SKUDONET’s investment in  R&D, our products evolve adapting and improving their features to new technologies and the needs of our customers.
  • Maturity: Because our technology is Linux based, we’re based on a Debian operating system updates calendar, this implies that our kernel will not be modified till the next Debian release. Please note if any customer applies updates to the kernel, the overlay of load balancing for high availability developed by SKUDONET might not perform correctly.

Our End-of-life Policy

The following rules below help customers better understand the cycle and help them move on with new SKUDONET products.

  1. SKUDONET offers support services for each SKUDONET product which has a life cycle of 5 years.
  2. SKUDONET appliance models are Linux based and are released with a frozen Kernel, this kernel will not be modified throughout the life cycle.
  3. SKUDONET will provide improvements, bugfixes, patches, and system updates, along with the product’s life cycle.
  4. SKUDONET offers an additional year (Long support) for Enterprise Products, starting from the expiry date, for the appliances where End-of-life has been reached in order to help customers migrate to the new SKUDONET products.
  5. After that additional year given to expired appliances, the SKUDONET Team will stop offering system updates and we can’t guarantee that all bugfixes are going to be solved.
  6. Despite SKUDONET appliances being perpetual, the related support has a deadline set on the table underneath, SKUDONET no longer has an obligation to support an expired appliance once the End-of-life support has been reached. That said, the SKUDONET support team recommends updating SKUDONET Appliances once the End-of-Life has been reached and will notify via email to the contacts provided.

SKUDONET End-of-life Plan table

VersionFormatModelEnd of LifeLong support
CommunityISO Distro2.xFeb 2016
CommunityISO Distro3.1 – 3.7May 2018
EnterpriseVirtual Appliance3110May 2018May 2019
EnterpriseVirtual Appliance3110.2May 2018May 2019
EnterprisePhysical Appliance3300May 2018May 2021
CommunityISO Distro3.10.xMay 2020
CommunityISO Distro4.xMay 2020
EnterpriseVirtual Appliance4000May 2020May 2021
EnterpriseVirtual Appliance4100May 2020May 2021
EnterpriseBare Metal Appliance4200May 2020May 2021
EnterpriseVirtual and Bare Metal Appliance4300May 2020May 2021
EnterprisePhysical Appliance6508May 2022May 2023
EnterprisePhysical Appliance6708May 2022May 2023
EnterpriseVirtual and Bare Metal Appliance5000May 2022May 2023
EnterpriseVirtual and Bare Metal Appliance6000Jun 2024Jun 2025
EnterprisePhysical Appliance7108Aug 2026Aug 2027
EnterprisePhysical Appliance8214Aug 2025Aug 2026

All the upgrades of the system are included with any of our Support Plans. For more information contact our sales team.

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