High Availability & Scalability without limits with SKUDONET

High Availability & Scalability without limits with SKUDONET

Load Balancing and high availability at layers 2, 3, 4 and 7 for WAN uplinks, services, applications, and data centers.

Support of protocols tcp, udp, sctp, sip, ftp, tftp, http, https, rdp, ssh, pop3, imap, smtp, dns, ntp, ldap, ldaps, radius, WebSocket, etc and applications MS Exchange, Lynx, ICA, and more…

Advanced HTTP application eatures like session persistence, redirections, virtual hosts, on the fly decryption/encryption, SSL certificates (SNI and wildcard), cookie insertion, reverse proxy, among others.

Ready for A+ in SSL Labs and PCI compliance.

Support of dNAT (transparency), sNAT, DSR and stateless-dNAT topologies.

Inter data-center WAN load balancing through DNS Service Load Balancing, aka GSLB.

Preconfigured and customizable Advanced health checks of servers and services.

High availability with active-passive cluster with stateless and stateful failover support.

Traffic scalability and distribution by weight, round robin, configurable hashing, least connections, least response, symmetric. Advanced configurable persistence.

How efficient is your high availability & scalability implementation?


SKUDONET is able to manage up to 450,000 TCP requests per second (per physical core) linearly. High traffic, high performance.

Full high availability & scalability automation capabilities with the rest API

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