Elevate Your SKUDONET Experience: Upgrade from 6.3 to 10

Are you ready to take your SKUDONET system to the next level? Our latest migration guide is here to help you seamlessly upgrade from SKUDONET 6.3 to SKUDONET 10, unlocking a host of powerful new features and improvements. Why Upgrade to SKUDONET 10? Enhanced Performance: Experience faster, more efficient network management. Advanced Virtualization: Leverage cutting-edge…
SKUDONET Enterprise Edition v10

SKUDONET 10 Enterprise Edition is Released

We are thrilled to announce the release of the new SKUDONET Application Delivery Controller Enterprise Edition Version 10, which serves as the operating system base for our latest products: the SVA10000 and SBA10000. Over the past six months, our engineering team has worked diligently to develop this new version based on Debian 12 LTS, succeeding…
SKUDONET Community Edition 7.1.0

Releasing SKUDONET 7.1.0 Community Edition

We are very proud to announce the next SKUDONET Community Edition v7.1.0, we have been working hard for more than 6 months and finally, the results are awesome. SKUDONET v7 is based on Debian 12, with Kernel 6.1.90 LTS (long-term support) and replaces its predecessor SKUDONET 5. We have been working with SKUDONET 5 for…
SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.10: Enhanced Service Management and Security

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.10: Enhanced Service Management and Security

At SKUDONET, we are proud to unveil the latest iteration of our Enterprise Edition: version 6.3.10. This update reaffirms our commitment to delivering top-tier performance and security enhancements to meet the evolving needs of our customers. New Features 1. Enhanced Header Management in Services: Remove/Add Headers in Services: Alongside the ability to manage HTTP request/response…
SKUDONET and PICOPC. Unified Security Solutions.

Revolutionizing Online Security: SKUDONET and PICOPC Unified Security Solutions

A New Era in Cybersecurity: SKUDONET and PICOPC's Collaborative Journey In the dynamic realm of cybersecurity, partnerships that pioneer innovation are pivotal in fortifying digital defenses. SKUDONET, a distinguished Spanish expert in Software and Hardware for load balancing and web application security, proudly unveils its strategic alliance with PICOPC, a leading UK-based authority in cybersecurity…
SKUDONET's Support Elevates Netdev 0x18

SKUDONET’s Support Elevates Netdev 0x18: The Premier Linux Networking Conference

In a significant stride towards fostering innovation and collaboration within the Linux networking sphere, SKUDONET has proudly announced its sponsorship of Netdev 0x18, the esteemed technical conference on Linux networking. Scheduled to take place in the heart of Silicon Valley, California, from July 15th to 19th, Netdev 0x18 promises to be a pivotal event for…
SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.9: Enhancing Security and Usability

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.9: Enhancing Security and Usability

At SKUDONET, our commitment to improving our products never wavers. We're thrilled to announce the release of SKUDONET Enterprise Edition version 6.3.9, packed with exciting new features and improvements designed to elevate the security and usability of your infrastructure. New Features 1. Enhanced IPDS Management: Restore Actions for Preloaded WAF Rulesets and Rules: With this…
SKUDONET Releases Enterprise Edition 6.3.8

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.8 Release: Strengthening Security Measures

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.8 Release: Strengthening Security Measures. At SKUDONET, we take pride in presenting the latest version of our Enterprise Edition: version 6.3.8. This update continues our commitment to our partners to continually improve our products and offer our customers optimal performance with industry-leading security solutions. In this release, we have focused on further…
SKUDONET releases Enterprise Edition 6.3.6

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.6 Release

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.6 Release: Enhancing Security and Performance At SKUDONET, we are committed to continuously improving our products to offer our customers increased performance in our industry-leading load balancer and security solutions. We are pleased to announce the release of version 6.3.6 of our Enterprise Edition, which introduces significant enhancements and new features to…

Download Skudonet ADC Load Balancer
Community Edition

Source Code

A versatile and installable ADC system designed for diverse vendor hardware.


Installable ISO 

Load Balancing as a Service alongside an ADC orchestration toolkit.

Download Community Edition

Download Community Edition

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