Ensuring Business Continuity With a Comprehensive Approach to Cybersecurity with ADC Security Solutions

SKUDONET ADC Security Solutions enhance business continuity with advanced threat protection and scalability for reliable cloud application access.

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ADC Security Solutions to prevent the Increasing cyberattack figures

There are an Estimated 800,000 Cyberattacks per Year in 2023–with That Number Predicted to Continue to Rise Annually


In the face of an alarming surge, with an estimated 800,000 cyberattacks per year in 2023, organizations grapple with a myriad of challenges in the current cybersecurity landscape.

Constant threats like malware and ransomware demand ransoms for sensitive data, while growing cloud migration challenges security. The vulnerability of IoT devices to hacking adds to concerns in this evolving threat landscape.

Amidst these challenges, SKUDONET ADC security provides a beacon of defense, offering advanced threat protection and scalability.


Advanced Threat Protection for Reliable Cloud Access and IoT Security

SKUDONET Open Source Load Balancers offers advanced threat protection and scalability, ensuring secure access to cloud applications. With granular access controls and SSL/TLS offloading, load balancers are specific tools to enhance IoT security by reducing attack surfaces. Additionally, SKUDONET ADC security provides visibility and control over user access, detecting and preventing insider threats, helping organizations protect critical assets and mitigate cybersecurity risks.

Intrusion prevention and detection system.

Support of local and remote IP and network lists.

Configurable DoS and DDoS protection rules.

Domain name system-based blackhole list.

Web Application Firewall with more than 700 rules.

More than 200 preloaded automated protection lists.

In industries where downtime can translate to significant revenue loss or compromise on security, our solutions go above the leading standards. We prioritize redundancy and failover mechanisms to guarantee uninterrupted service delivery. Moreover, our emphasis on security extends beyond conventional practices, incorporating advanced encryption protocols and intrusion detection systems to fortify defenses against evolving threats.

Through collaborative partnerships and continuous innovation, we empower organizations to navigate the complexities of modern application delivery with confidence. Join us in redefining the benchmarks for performance and security, and experience the transformative impact of optimized load balancing solutions.

Optimizing Application Delivery with Load Balancing: Enhancing Performance and Security

As the leading competitors continually raise the bar, it’s imperative for organizations to leverage cutting-edge solutions to stay ahead. At SKUDONET, our focus is on delivering innovative approaches to application delivery, incorporating advanced load balancing techniques to enhance both performance and security.

Background checks government and background investigations security are critical components across various industries. Ensuring the integrity and confidentiality of sensitive data is non-negotiable. With our comprehensive understanding of these requirements, we tailor our solutions to meet the unique needs of each industry. Through meticulous case studies recognition, we’ve garnered insights into diverse scenarios, allowing us to anticipate challenges and implement proactive measures.

Our focus on high availability and scalability is exemplified through the utilization of an application delivery controller (ADC). These sophisticated devices play a pivotal role in distributing incoming traffic across multiple servers, ensuring optimal resource utilization and mitigating the risk of downtime. By strategically deploying ADCs, we enable organizations to achieve unparalleled reliability and responsiveness, even during peak loads.

Key Metrics & Insights

+600new deployments per week.

+20xperformance compared to standard cloud solutions.

<24 H response time to fix a security breach.


The Next Generation Of Application Delivery and Security Solutions is Here

Full VPN Support Connectivity, For your users via site-to-site support, tunneling L2TP+IPsec or remote-server warrior mode.

Cybersecurity Module, Web Application, DoS (Denial-of-Service) protection and preloaded protection lists.

Multiplatform Ready Deployment, Ready for the most popular Cloud Providers (AWS, Azure, Digital Ocean…).

Proxy Upgrade, we’ve switched to the robust and stable Pound binary. This move ensures a smoother experience for all users, and we’re committed to enhancing this code further.

Kernel based in Debian devevelopment cycle, promising long-term support (LTS) for stability and reliability.


There are an Estimated 800,000 Cyberattacks per Year in 2023–with That Number Predicted to Continue to Rise Annually

Companies that hold sensitive data or personally identifiable information are common targets for hackers. Download our Web Application and API Protection (WAAP) Buying Guide to guard against cyber threats and learn how to select the ideal tech provider tailored to your unique needs.


Remember that SKUDONET offers a free load balancer, for testing environments, and different formats of their Enterprise solutions, like software load balancer, virtual load balancer, cloud load balancer and hardware load balancer.

Need Help Choosing the Version that Best Matches Your Needs?


If you need help choosing the custom Enterprise load balancer that best suits you and your business, our technical support team will advise you on everything you need. We’ll help you through the process of strengthening your cyber defense, with customised load balancing solutions.

We help you choose the correct distribution

Download Skudonet ADC Load Balancer
Community Edition

Source Code

A versatile and installable ADC system designed for diverse vendor hardware.


Installable ISO 

Load Balancing as a Service alongside an ADC orchestration toolkit.

Download Community Edition

Download Community Edition

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