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Protect from SQL Injection attack

Protect from SQL Injection Attacks

Protect from SQL Injection attacks: How to Prevent Attacks with SKUDONET ADC SQL Injection attacks can be detrimental to the security of your data. Understanding how these attacks work is crucial in order to protect your systems. In this article, we will explore the basics of SQL Injection and the various types of attacks. We…
Sticky Sessions: your Web Application Performance improved

Sticky Sessions Load Balancer: Enhancing Web Application Performance with SKUDONET ADC

Sticky sessions play a vital role in managing user sessions and optimizing web application performance. This article provides an overview of sticky sessions load balancer, including its definition and functionality. It also covers popular load balancing services like Amazon Web Services (AWS) and their implementation of sticky sessions. Additionally, the article explores the importance of…
Discover the All-New SKUDONET Platform

All-New SKUDONET Platform

Exciting News: Unveiling SKUDONET - A Bold Leap into the Future! We are thrilled to share a momentous occasion with you all – the launch of SKUDONET, a new identity that symbolizes our unwavering commitment to the future, continual renewal, and relentless development. This is more than just a rebranding; it's a declaration of our…
Among the Top 5 Open Source Load Balancers in 2024

SKUDONET: Among the Top 5 Open Source Load Balancers in 2024

Users love SKUDONET ADC and that's why it ranks as one of the "Top 5 Open Source Load Balancers in 2024", as highlighted by TechTimes in its 11 January article. This recognition underlines SKUDONET's important role in the application delivery market and our continued commitment to excellence and innovation, since the creation of Zen Load…
SKUDONET is mentioned in TechTimes

SKUDONET Shines in TechTimes: Redefining the Future of Application Delivery

SKUDONET is mentioned in TechTimes We are excited to share that SKUDONET has been featured in the prestigious online media TechTimes. This platform, known for its detailed coverage of technology developments, has put the spotlight on SKUDONET and its revolutionary impact on the load balancing industry. This recognition validates our commitment to making application delivery…
SKUDONET Enterprise new functionalities

SKUDONET Enterprise 6.3.4: Adding New Functionalities for Our Partners

In our firm commitment to constantly improving our product, we have released a new version of the SKUDONET ADC Enterprise 6.3.4 which, thanks to feedback from our partners, includes a new feature that allows our partners to customise the platform interface and make it more corporate for their customers. In this article we are going…
Round Robin Load Balancing: Maximizing Performance and Reliability for Your Business

Round Robin Load Balancing: Maximizing Performance and Reliability for Your Business

Round Robin Load Balancing: Maximizing Performance and Reliability for Your Business Round robin load balancing is a crucial technology for optimizing performance and reliability in server management. This article provides an overview of round robin load balancing, its benefits, and how it is implemented. Additionally, we explore different load balancing algorithms and discuss round robin…

SKUDONET 2023 Snapshot: A Year of Transformative Change

As we approach the conclusion of 2023, we would like to express our heartfelt gratitude to all who have placed their trust in us. This year has marked a significant chapter in the SKUDONET journey, filled with notable achievements that have shaped our organization's trajectory. New Leadership and Improved Organisation Structure In a transformational rebranding…
SKUDONET statisc 2023
SKUDONET statisc 2023

A Look at SKUDONET’s 2023 Resume

In the dynamic world of technology, continuous evolution is key to success. In 2023, SKUDONET has not only stood out for its ongoing innovation but also for the impressive statistics that highlight its impact in the Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) market. In this article, we will explore some of the standout statistics that outline SKUDONET's…

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