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Safeguard Your Business with Comprehensive DDoS Protection Solutions from SKUDONET

At SKUDONET, we assist you in tackling the escalating issue of multi-vector and DDoS attacks to prevent business downtime, revenue loss, and reputational damage.

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Effective DDoS Defense for Today's Evolving Threat Landscape

The landscape of DDoS attacks is continually evolving, presenting increasingly intense, frequent, and sophisticated challenges. Traditional DDoS defense mechanisms often fall short in keeping up with these modern threats. It’s imperative to adopt new and innovative approaches to combat the rising menace of multi-vector attacks.

Fortifying Your Defense Against DDoS Attacks With Avanced Features

Advanced HTTP Proxy

Advanced Threat Landscape

  • Gigabit and terabit-scale attacks are becoming increasingly common.
  • Attackers now exploit IoT devices with multi-vector capabilities.
  • Initiating a DDoS attack through DDoS-for-hire services costs only a few dollars.


Realtime Blackhole lists

Alleviating Staff Overload

  • Traditional DDoS defenses demand manual intervention, burdening staff resources.
  • Attackers employ multi-vector strategies to impede defense response times.
  • Intelligent automation is essential for accelerating response times and enhancing effectiveness.
  • Implementing a tailored and automated initial defense layer can lead to substantial cost savings.

Able to work up to 40 Gbps

Comprehensive DDoS Defense

  • Traditional DDoS defenses often have response times in minutes rather than instantaneously.
  • Legacy defense methods rely on indiscriminate strategies like Remote Triggered Black Hole (RTBH) filtering and service rate limiting, which can cause user damage.
  • DDoS defenses designed solely for volumetric protection are inadequate against multi-vector attacks.
  • It’s crucial to understand and apply insights into attack and victim behavior to your infrastructure to effectively thwart advanced DDoS attacks.

Advanced DDoS Protection with SKUDONET

Enhanced Defense Against DDOS Attacks

At SKUDONET, we ensure robust, efficient, and seamless DDoS protection, safeguarding your network from disruptive attacks.

SKUDONET Virtual Load Balancer

Centralized Management

Streamlines policy enforcement across your organization’s DDoS defense infrastructure.

SKUDONET ADC Baremetal Software Load Balancer

High Performance

Maintains network speed while swiftly detecting and neutralizing DDoS threats.

SKUDONET Hardware Load Balancer


Adapts seamlessly to your network’s growth, offering flexible and scalable DDoS protection solutions.

SKUDONET Cloud load balancer

Compliance Support

Facilitates compliance with industry-specific regulations and standards for DDoS protection.

How Skudonet Can Assist You

As the forefront of DDoS protection, SKUDONET offers a comprehensive solution, merging intelligent detection and mitigation precision, automation features, scalability, proactive intelligence, and comprehensive reporting via an intuitive orchestrator interface.

Unlocking Key Advantages with SKUDONET

Precise DDoS Protection
  • SKUDONET’s focus is on guaranteeing service availability to legitimate users, the primary goal of distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) defense.
  • Utilizes a unique 5-level adaptive policy escalation to minimize impact on users while enhancing effectiveness.
  • Employs machine learning for zero-day attack detection and prevention.
  • Provides actionable analytics and insights into DDoS attacks from both attack and victim perspectives.
  • Implements customized and automated block lists for a layered defense strategy, effectively countering the complexity and volume of DDoS attacks.
Automated Zero-Day DDos Defense
  • DDoS attackers continuously innovate, automating their multi-vector attack platforms. Effective cyber defense demands machine learning-powered automation capable of identifying cyber attacks and dynamically applying mitigation filters without the need for advanced configuration or manual intervention.
  • Ensures rapid, automated response to DDoS attacks.
  • Requires no pre-configuration or manual intervention for effective operation.
  • Employs an expert system to calculate blocking filters in real-time, enhancing responsiveness to emerging threats.
Unrivaled Scalability
  • Scalability is crucial in sizing cyber defense to combat today’s IoT threat landscape.
  • Unlimited DDoS filering against unlimited load balancing flows.
  • DDoS protection in a early stage of the packet flow, offers more efficient with less resource usages.
  • Only legitimated traffic reaches the load balancing modules dedicating the resources for moving traffic.
Cost-Effective Cyber Defense Solutions

SKUDONET’s cyber defense solutions are engineered for performance with comprehensive system-level integration. This design focus empowers DDoS defenders to construct systems that reduce capital expenditure (CAPEX), operational expenditure (OPEX), and enhance return on investment (ROI).

  • Offers industry-leading performance with networks from up to 100Gbps protection in a single appliance.
  • Facilitates easy integration with embedded BGP, ISIS, OSPF, and VXLAN protocols.
  • Provides 30 times more revenue potential for establishing DDoS scrubbing services.
  • Enables optimization of scrubbing service utilization through customized and actionable block lists, establishing a layered DDoS defense.

Need Help Choosing the Version that Best Matches Your Needs?


If you need help choosing the custom Enterprise load balancer that best suits you and your business, our technical support team will advise you on everything you need. We’ll help you through the process of strengthening your cyber defense, with customised load balancing solutions.

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Download Community Edition

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