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Comprehensive SSL/TLS Inspection for Secure Network Protection

In today’s digital environment, network security threats have become more sophisticated and pervasive. SSL/TLS encrypted traffic inspection is essencial to maintain the ingrity and security of online communications.

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Lack of TLS/SSL Decryption Leaves Your Network Vulnerable

Relying on decryption at each layer of your multi-vendor security architecture can be both expensive and inefficient. With over 90 percent of internet traffic encrypted and a significant rise in encrypted malware, effective decryption is essential.

Failure to decrypt can leave your corporate network defenseless, but decrypting at every step burdens at your infrastructure, causing performance bottlenecks and network security challenges.

Securing Encrypted Traffic and SSL/TLS Data

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Advanced Cyber Attacks Evolving with Ecryption:

  • Today’s cyber attackers increasingly leverage encryption to evade detection.
  • A typical enterprise employs multiple security solutions, each necessitating its own decryption process.
  • Scaling these solutions without specialized TLS/SSL decryption can be challenging, leading to higher costs and drastically diminishing ROI.
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The High Cost of Non-Compliance:

  • In certain industries, such as healthcare and finance, adhering to privacy standards like HIPAA and PCI is mandatory.
  • Companies failing to comply with GDPR, a mandatory regulation enforcing strict data protection policies, may face significant penalties in the event of data breaches.
  • Non-compliance can result in substantial fines and, in some cases, lawsuits that harm an organization’s reputation.
Able to work up to 40 Gbps

Operational Obstacles:

  • Certain TLS/SSL decryption solutions are overly complex, leading to underutilization and leaving them unused in storage.
  • On-device management tools might claim to be “easy,” but they are inefficient and require specially trained operators.
  • Isolated local management tools struggle to enforce uniform policies across the organization, creating security and compliance gaps.

Advanced TLS/SSL Inspection with Skudonet

Secure, efficient, and seamless decryption

Skudonet offers comprehensive TLS/SSL inspection solutions that ensure secure, efficient traffic decryption without compromising performance.

SKUDONET Virtual Load Balancer

Centralized Management

Simplifies policy enforcement across the entire organization.

SKUDONET ADC Baremetal Software Load Balancer

High Performance

Maintains network speed with optimized decryption efficiency.

SKUDONET Hardware Load Balancer


Adapts to growing network demands with flexible solutions.

SKUDONET Cloud load balancer

Compliance Support

Helps meet industry-specific regulations and standards.

How Skudonet Supports You

Our TLS/SSL inspection solution provides your security infrastructure with comprehensive visibility into encrypted traffic while maintaining peak performance.

Enhance your enterprise security by incorporating inline, passive, and ICAP-integrated devices within the “secure decrypt zone,” where each device can identify malware attacks and other cyber threats in decrypted traffic and neutralize them.

Safeguarding Encrypted Traffic and SSL/TLS Data

Boost Your Security
  • Enhance security performance, availability, and scalability at your network edge by “decrypting once and inspecting multiple times.”
  • Integrate with advanced network security platforms such as NGFWs, NGIPS, DLP, AV, and ATP systems in the “secure decrypt zone” to enable encrypted traffic inspection.
  • Utilize SKUDONET’s multi-layered security services to stop known threat vectors, including URL filtering, threat intelligence, threat investigation, and more.
Ensure Compliance and Privacy
  • Maintain granular, policy-based control over your traffic.
  • Selectively decrypt traffic based on web categorization feeds to ensure compliance with privacy standards like HIPAA and PCI.
  • Ensure GDPR compliance by enforcing data protection policies and access control.
  • Block access to specific web categories, to optimize productivity and security.
Operationalize With Ease
  • Maintain granular, policy-based control over your traffic.
  • Simplify management, maintenace and configuration.
  • Manage multi-site deployments centrally to enforce consistent policies.
  • Obtain real-time insights to safeguard your network from emerging threats.

Need Help Choosing the Version that Best Matches Your Needs?


If you need help choosing the custom Enterprise load balancer that best suits you and your business, our technical support team will advise you on everything you need. We’ll help you through the process of strengthening your cyber defense, with customised load balancing solutions.

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Download Community Edition

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