Cybersecurity comparison: SKUDONET & PICOPC

Cybersecurity Comparison: SKUDONET & PICOPC vs. Market Leaders

In the dynamic world of cybersecurity, innovative partnerships play a crucial role in strengthening digital defenses. SKUDONET, a renowned Spanish expert in load balancing software and web application security solutions, proudly announces its strategic collaboration with PICOPC, a leading authority in cybersecurity hardware and IT devices based in the UK. This partnership marks a significant…
SKUDONET statisc 2023
SKUDONET statisc 2023

A Look at SKUDONET’s 2023 Resume

In the dynamic world of technology, continuous evolution is key to success. In 2023, SKUDONET has not only stood out for its ongoing innovation but also for the impressive statistics that highlight its impact in the Application Delivery Controllers (ADC) market. In this article, we will explore some of the standout statistics that outline SKUDONET's…

10 Importance of Information Security Audit

We have recently witnessed a growing number of cyber-crimes prevailing in industries worldwide. While most regulatory and governing bodies are stepping up to prevent such incidents, it is yet evident that no business or industry can be 100% immune to the evolving threat landscape. That said, it is imperative for a business to be proactive…

SKUDONET Multi-Layered Security Overview in the Edge

SKUDONET is a smart company focused on the Application Delivery Controller market and really obsessed with the security in the delivery, for that reason we really know that today the security is a real concern for the business and what a better way to solve it is by adding this task to the controlling application…

Importance of Cybersecurity for Businesses

The world of the internet is full of people waiting to breach into your system. They want to get a grasp of your personal information and exploit it. This might not be a concern for an individual, but for a business, privacy is all that matters. According to a survey in 2018, 43% of fall…

5 Ways to protect your online privacy on public Wi-Fi

When you connect to public Wi-Fi, you actually put your online privacy and device security at great risk. That’s because these are weak, open networks and can be penetrated by an intruder for sensitive data packets. While we can’t avoid using this service, here is how we can achieve a protective shield against cyberthreats while…

Cyber-threats and Cyber-security during COVID-19

We all already know that cybercriminals take advantage of human weaknesses and high-profile situations for financial gain. Hence COVID-19 outbreak has been a great breeding ground for them. In this article, we'll analyze cyber actor patterns and major cyber-threats detected since the Coronavirus pandemic came out. COVID-19 cyber attacks in figures As of March 30…

Towards a digital efficiency, towards e-Government Transformation

Digitalisation process is being adopted on every sector and industry. Although governance is a late adopter, technology and citizens requirements are pushing towards e-government. Please refer to the following table with the index of e-government adoption of several countries around the world. Country Digitalisation Index United Kingdom 91,93 % Australia 91,43 % Republic of Korea…
whatsapp outage, whatsapp disruption, whatsapp high availability

How much does it cost the Whatsapp downtime?

Whatsapp status or Whatsapp downtime has been one of the most searched keyword in the last hours due to the outage registered of servers all around the world, mainly America's East Coast and Western Europe, during approximately 3 hours the 3rd of May. The users affected were unable to login into the application, use the…

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Load Balancing as a Service alongside an ADC orchestration toolkit.

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Download Community Edition

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