Benchmark Scenario

The scenario is created with 2 connected 1GbE networks using the Dell PowerEdge R740xd hardware appliance with the latest SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6 package optimized for Dell PowerEdge R740xd.
The networking environment is:

1. Service Network:

  • Eth4: in Dell PowerEdge R740xd
  • Clients:

2. Backends Network:

  • Eth5: in Dell PowerEdge R740xd
  • Backends:

Performance Benchmark Scenario
The Dell PowerEdge R740xd provides a SKUDONET EE 6 version with a CPU Intel® Xeon® Silver 4214R, base Frequency 2.4 GHz with 12 cores and 16GB of RAM DDR4.

The clients and backends host limits haven’t been reached during the benchmarking tests.

The client stress application used was ‘wrk’, which is an HTTP benchmarking tool that generates heavy HTTP and HTTPS requests against the listening service of the load balancer. The backends were configured with a simple ‘nginx’ web service that received the client requests and responded to an empty web page (0 bytes of html body and 233 bytes in HTTP headers).

Results Summary

The following shows the performance benchmark results for all cases over the Dell PowerEdge R740xd hardware appliance and web traffic:

*CPU was never saturated (~26%)
**Theoretical values using all CPU resources; 1 RPS is able to simulate 10 concurrent users;

To sum up, in the table above we can see how the Dell PowerEdge R740xd load balancer is able to manage more than 357k requests per second with an L4xNAT profile using just 26% of the CPU performance. With such performance, the L4xNAT is able to handle more than 14.4 million web users per second.

The performance reached with an HTTP farm profile is able to handle more than 974 thousand web users per second and over 721 thousand web users per second with high-security ciphers in the HTTPS layer.

It is important to note that this performance benchmark exercise can be carried out with any model of hardware with the same CPU and RAM than Dell PowerEdge R740xd, and the results would remain consistent. This demonstrates the adaptability and robustness of the SKUDONET EE 6 product across different hardware platforms.

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