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Why Load Balancing is important to Cloud Computing Environments

We all know that the IT industry is one of the fastest-growing industries across the globe and cloud computing has made a tremendous impact on the IT industry's growth over the past few years. Almost all industries are shifting to cloud computing because of its prominent technology that allows thousands of applications and files to…

WhatsApp’s latest crash

On last Friday 19th March, Facebook acknowledged some technical issues which caused a worldwide outage for WhatsApp, Instagram and other Facebook services. These kinds of crashes prevent people from accessing their accounts or communicating, leading to major trouble, like this one affecting 45 countries and leaving millions of people without service. In 2020 alone, four…

Cyber-threats and Cyber-security during COVID-19

We all already know that cybercriminals take advantage of human weaknesses and high-profile situations for financial gain. Hence COVID-19 outbreak has been a great breeding ground for them. In this article, we'll analyze cyber actor patterns and major cyber-threats detected since the Coronavirus pandemic came out. COVID-19 cyber attacks in figures As of March 30…

Supporting Continuity of Health Care Sector against Coronavirus

At SKUDONET, we've been always available and mobilized under social security of every kind in order to take advantage of our expertise to support the business continuity of different sectors like Education, Health Care, Financial, Industry among others. Our willingness to face new challenges and critical situations to provide the best support and assistance is…

The definitive guide of SIP and PBX services at scale

SKUDONET is proud to present the definitive guide of SIP proxy load balancing to build scalable VoIP scalability, highly available and with enhanced security. In addition, advanced health check to the backends are proposed launching dummy calls to the real SIP servers. Find out the details in the knowledge base article: https://www.skudonet.com/knowledge-base/howtos/how-to-load-balance-and-create-highly-available-sip-and-pbx-services/

FileCloud load balancing article

This week, a new article is available in the howto section of the Knowledge Base. FileCloud enables a private cloud that makes your files accessible from any device from anywhere, but also synchronization across computers. It helps users share files seamlessly within or outside an organization. Check out further about high availability and scale FileCloud!…

Australian Bureau of Statistics’s Census 2016 Availability Study

In the Digital Era and moving to a hyper-connected world data availability must be ensured and secured. The failure or unavailability of any system has a high cost and means a high risk for the whole system, with additionally the frustration and confidence lost from the users. A strategy application for a Public Administration like…

Hitachi recommends Zen Load Balancer

Zen Load Balancer is used to provide high availability and load balancing for a wide range of applications. Today, this is mandatory in order to serve applications to users anytime, anywhere and through any device. In such terms, Hitachi has compiled a Networking Best Practices in order to load balance web content applications. Download "Networking…

Download Skudonet ADC Load Balancer
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A versatile and installable ADC system designed for diverse vendor hardware.


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Load Balancing as a Service alongside an ADC orchestration toolkit.

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Download Community Edition

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