Network Operations Center, Definition and Top 4 Best Practices

A network operations center (NOC) is a central location where IT teams in an organization monitor the performance of a network. The NOC provides servers, databases, hard disk space, and a high-quality internet connection. It also offers high-tech tools that allow IT workers to diagnose connectivity issues and security problems. The network operations center (NOC)…

Supporting Internet connectivity in Venezuela

Due to the recent news about the Internet and power outages suffered in Venezuela, SKUDONET agreed to provide free load balancing software and support services to any Venezuelan company or organization in order to restore as soon as possible the services in the country. How can SKUDONET help? In cases of global infrastructure disaster, SKUDONET…

New video: Configure active-active data centers with GSLB

In this new video, our colleague explains how to configure a Global Service Load Balancing service to scale and create high availability among all our public services in different data center locations. The flexibility of this technique is shown in these examples, active-active data centers and active and automatic disaster recovery scenarios. In addition, GSLB…

Download Skudonet ADC Load Balancer
Community Edition

Source Code

A versatile and installable ADC system designed for diverse vendor hardware.


Installable ISO 

Load Balancing as a Service alongside an ADC orchestration toolkit.

Download Community Edition

Download Community Edition

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