At SKUDONET, we are proud to unveil the latest iteration of our Enterprise Edition: version 6.3.10. This update reaffirms our commitment to delivering top-tier performance and security enhancements to meet the evolving needs of our customers.

New Features

1. Enhanced Header Management in Services:

  • Remove/Add Headers in Services: Alongside the ability to manage HTTP request/response headers in the Global section, this update allows for header management within individual services. This means each service can now handle its headers independently, without impacting other services.

2. Cluster Role Hooks:

  • Pre/Post Hooks for Cluster Role MASTER and BACKUP: We have introduced four distinct hooks for cluster events. These include pre-master and post-master hooks (executed just before and after a node assumes the master role) and pre-backup and post-backup hooks (executed just before and after a node takes on the backup role). Users can now connect their scripts to these hooks, extending the tasks performed during each action.


1. Routing Table Management:

  • Edit Only Active Table Routes: The update disables the ability to edit a routing table without any IP configured on it, ensuring more accurate and streamlined routing management.

2. IPDS Schedule Configuration Sync:

  • Synchronization with Backup Node: The scheduler for IPDS package downloads now automatically synchronizes configurations with the backup node, ensuring consistent and reliable security configurations across your infrastructure.

Bug Fixes

1. Cluster Initalization:

  • Fixed Initialization Cluster Creation: This fix resolves minor issues detected during the cluster creation process, enhancing overall stability.

2. IPDS Stats Parsing:

  • Fixed Stats with Farm Names Including “-” Character: The parser for IPDS stats is now corrected to handle farm names containing hyphens, ensuring accurate data reporting.

3. System Vulnerabilities:

  • Addressed Vulnerability Issues: We have resolved several security vulnerabilities, specifically CVE-2023-39804, CVE-2023-41913, and CVE-2024-3651, strengthening the security and resilience of our system.

Ready to explore the latest features and enhancements of SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.10?