SKUDONET Enterprise Edition 6.3.8 Release: Strengthening Security Measures.

At SKUDONET, we take pride in presenting the latest version of our Enterprise Edition: version 6.3.8. This update continues our commitment to our partners to continually improve our products and offer our customers optimal performance with industry-leading security solutions.

In this release, we have focused on further strengthening the protection and efficiency of your infrastructure.

New Features:

  • IPDS Attacks Graph by Defense Type and IPDS Statistics: We have added a new graphical visualization displaying attacks blocked by rules within the IPDS module. Now, users can obtain real-time information about blocked attacks, providing a more detailed insight into mitigated threats.


  • Logging of Destination MAC on L4xNAT Farms: We have extended logs for L4xNAT farms, adding the destination MAC of the server to which the client is connected. This improvement provides greater visibility and facilitates troubleshooting in complex network environments.


  • Fixed URL Encoding/Decoding with Special Characters: We have addressed an issue affecting the display of URLs with special characters in the IPDS Reporting section within the MONITORING > Reports view.
This update reinforces our security capabilities and enhances the user experience by providing more detailed visibility and improved usability, always at the forefront of load balancing solutions.

Interested in experiencing the benefits of SKUDONET Enterprise Edition version 6.3.8?