Is your IT Infraestructure Prepared
For Your Business Expansion?

We offer consulting and development services to support this growth

Uninterrupted network and
applications operations

Elevated the Security of
your IT services

Prepared to elevate
your business scalability

Specilized in Business Continuity
and Security Advisory Services

Advanced solutions tailored for critical businesses across all levels

WAAP and SDN Software-Defined Networking

Embrace automation for robust high availability, network optimization, and security. Achieve high throughputs of up to 10Gbps. Benefit from an intrusion prevention and detection system with safeguards against DoS, reputation lists and Web Application firewall with the OWASP ruleset preloaded. Enjoy real-time cybersecurity protection and much more.


Application & Services Delivery

Intelligent traffic sharing and content switching for optimized application delivery. Security task offloading, advanced health checks for real servers, and transparent service availability.

>10 millions of concurrent users
>200 thousands SSL concurrent users

Global Service Load Balancing
Load balancing for WAN applications and services across public, private, or hybrid clouds. Multi-vendor support, centralized control panel, and included Intrusion Prevention and Detection System.

How Can we Help You?

Explore a few examples


Optimizing Web Application and Offloading Security


Enhance business productivity with fast-response web applications while maintaining top-tier security to prevent customer loss. Outpace your competitors with accelerated website performance.

Prevent IT Service Outage Risks


For businesses prioritizing high availability and distributed services, application outages resulting from service, network, or data center disruptions are not acceptable. Such downtime can incur significant costs.


Highlighted Success Stories

Siemens enlisted our expertise to integrate the SKUDONET solution with SUSE Enterprise, their chosen corporate Linux distribution for production environments. This was necessary due to their cloud provider’s inability to accommodate customized systems.

Fujitsu Siemens sought our specialized knowledge in constructing extensive infrastructures to centralize a mission-critical application for a public sector client. This was accomplished via a geolocated clustering service.


Gain Certainty Within The Unpredictable Digital Environment With Custom ADC Solutions

Discover how to optimize your resources and the traffic of your website or application with SKUDONET. Contact our experts to find the best solution for you and your team. 

We help you to improve your infrastructure while facilitating a secure and unlimited business scalability.