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POSTED ON 25 October, 2021

Create Blacklist

Designing a personalized blacklist involves structuring a collection of IP addresses and subnets that pertain exclusively to your network infrastructure and present either a Deny or Allow directive.

To generate a blacklist, navigate to the IPDS > Blacklists segment, and opt for the Create Blacklist option.

The prerequisites for generating a fresh blacklist include:

Name. Blacklist’s descriptive title.
Type. Selection between a Local or Remote location. Opting for Remote mandates the inclusion of a valid URL for list retrieval.
Policy. Deny or Allow. Deny for blacklists and Allow for whitelists.
Url. This aspect is solely displayed when Remote is chosen, serving to specify the URL of the remote blacklists slated for automated downloads and updates.

Upon configuring the mandatory components, tap the APPLY button to establish the new blacklist. Several setup options will manifest on the following screen depending on the type configuration selected. Elaborated clarification can be found in the ensuing section.

Subsequent step, Configure your Blacklist.

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