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POSTED ON 3 May, 2022

This segment oversees the formation of PEM certificates void of a passphrase and incorporates the Private Key within the same certificate. This conforms to the format endorsed by the Web Proxy Engine utilized for the load balancing module’s LSLB profile, specifically for HTTPS protocol.

This form comprises the ensuing fields:

Name. A distinctive designation, aiding in recognizing the file within the certificate repository.
Private Key. This segment conserves details concerning the certificate key, minus a passphrase.
Server/Fullchain certificate. This sector preserves information about the certificate itself, along with the common name(s) to be certified.
Intermediate certificates. This portion reserves the Intermediate Certificates as well as the Certificate Authority that endorsed the Server Name(s).

Once these segments are stored, and the Apply button is activated, the system initiates an evaluation via the OpenSSL library. This assessment verifies the accuracy of the components furnished in the form and determines if the full chain certificate in PEM format can be effectively constructed. In instances where an anomaly is detected by the OpenSSL library, an informative error will be displayed, allowing the system administrator to address the concern.

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