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This section explains the steps taken when creating a virtual interface and the various available options.

Create Virtual Interface

Skudonet network virtual interface create

Here are the descriptions of each field named in the figure above.

Parent Interface. Sets a NIC, Bonding or VLAN interface as the Parent interface. The Virtual Interface will be configured over it.
Virtual Interface Name. Sets a name to identify the new Virtual Interface. The Interface Name starts with the name of the Parent Interface, and that of the virtual interface is appended to it. A colon separates the two names. The entire name must have a max of 16 characters.
IP Address. Sets the network-layer IP address to the new virtual interface. The Netmask and the Gateway will be inherited from the parent interface. The address can only be in the same network as its parent. This supports both IPv4 and IPv6.

Once all the required configurations are set, press the Apply button to create the new virtual interface. If not satisfied with the changes, you may revert by clicking the Revert changes button.

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