Experience Scalability with
SKUDONET ADC Network Appliances

Customize your solution by selecting the desired number of ports, NIC technology, throughput, monitoring and remote control options, hardware offloading features, and power supply redundancy for optimized performance.

An all-in-one load balancing solution with industrial-grade quality, perfect for mid-sized companies.

1U rackmount design, 8 x RJ-45 GbE Ethernet ports onboard
Powered by 6 th generation Intel® CoreTM processor
Equipped with 8GB DDR4 Memory
mSATA Storage
Option for 1 additional expansion module, supporting up to 8 ports (copper and fiber), ranging from 1Gb to 40Gb

A mission-critical and highly flexible solution with industrial-grade quality, ensuring critical availability services.

High port density, all within a 1U space, accommodating up to 32 GbE RJ45 ports
Driven by 6th generation Intel® Xeon™ processors
Offers multiple processors, various expansion options, and robust redundancy features
Comes with 16GB DDR4 Memory
Features 2 optional expansion modules up to 8 ports copper and fiber, from 1Gb to 40Gb
Equipped with redundant power supply (2 power supplies included)



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