Unleash the Potential of the 8×5 Subscription Plan: Elevated Support and Maintenance

The 8×5 Support Plan stands ready for those seeking updates, upgrades, and guidance from the esteemed SKUDONET experts exclusively during office hours. This yearly, per-node renewable plan holds the key.

8×5 Support 1 Year (per node)


What’s included?

Updates & Upgrades

Keep your systems current, but without remote desktop or email access for issue analysis.

Unlimited cases

An abundance of cases available per node under this support plan.

SKUDONET Team Assistance

Engineers from SKUDONET are on hand to dissect your cases.

Email or remote assistance

Access to remote desktop and email for issue analysis.

Private chat Exclusion

No real-time messaging with engineers for instant assistance.

Cybersecurity services Exempt

Protection for your applications is not within the scope.

What You’ll Receive?

This support plan encompasses software updates, product upgrades, hotfixes, swift security flaw protection, and direct support from our engineers. With this support plan, you gain access to the Security Analyzer package, designed to identify and rectify vulnerabilities and security risks. Unlimited cases are at your disposal. For cluster services, a uniform support plan must span all nodes.

Check out the 8×5 Support Agreement

Supported Areas

All SKUDONET products are embraced across all available platforms (Virtual, Bare Metal, Hardware, Cloud, and Microservices) for both present and future Enterprise Edition releases.

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