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The following graphs show monitored data for IPDS attacks on the load balancer, with options for daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views.


The Show Graphs section lets you choose a farm. The selected farm’s name will then appear as the graph title.


The graphs in the image below show the count for the selected Farm.

Here is a brief description of the graphs in the image above:


Y-Axis (Attacks): This shows the total number of IPDS attacks detected over time (hours, days, weeks, or months).

Data Categories:

  • Blacklists: Tracks requests from blacklisted IP addresses by SKUDONET ADC.
  • Whitelists: Shows allowed IP addresses accessing specific farms.
  • DoS: Counts Denial-of-Service attacks, including Bogus TCP traffic.
  • RBL: Tracks content or emails from known spammer IP addresses.
  • WAF: Counts web application attacks, especially those listed in OWASP Top 10.
  • Total: Represents the sum of all attack categories listed above.

Data Points:

  • Last: Displays the most recent count for each IPDS block/attack type.
  • Min: Shows the lowest count recorded for each IPDS block/attack type.
  • Avg: Represents the average count for each IPDS block/attack type.
  • Max: Indicates the highest count recorded for each IPDS block/attack type.

Enable date range selector: Users can enable a date range picker to view statistics for a specific timeframe.


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