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To Create a Remote Server VPN:

1. Go to the Network > VPN Section.

2. Click the Create VPN button. A form will be presented with the following fields.

Name: Choose a descriptive name for your VPN connection, such as ZRServer.

Profile: Select Remote Server as the profile type.


  • Authentication method: The authentication method is a secret. You can not choose it.
  • Password: Enter the password for the VPN.


  • Local gateway: Enter the local gateway’s IP address.
  • Local IP: Specify the local IP address of the VPN endpoint.
  • Local netmask: Enter the netmask for the local network.
  • Local tunnel IP: Specify the IP address for the local tunnel interface.
  • Local tunnel netmask: Enter the netmask for the local tunnel interface.


  • Remote tunnel IP range: Define the range of IP addresses that will be assigned to the remote end of the VPN tunnel.

Phase 1 (IKE Phase 1):

  • Authentication: Choose the authentication method for IKE Phase 1 negotiations.
  • Encryption: Select the encryption algorithm for securing Phase 1 negotiations.
  • DH group: Choose the Diffie-Hellman group for key exchange during Phase 1 negotiations.

Phase 2 (IKE Phase 2):

  • Protocols: Select the protocols to be used for data transmission.
  • Authentication: Choose the authentication algorithm for securing Phase 2 negotiations.
  • Encryption: Select the encryption algorithm for securing data transmission during Phase 2.

3. Click the Apply button to create the L2TP VPN.

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