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POSTED ON 25 October, 2021

List of SSL Certificates

Contained in this segment is an inventory of certificates that reside within the appliance, primed for utilization by LSLB farms.

These primarily comprise of Secure Socket Layer (SSL) certificates, which can either be uploaded or created through the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generator or the Private Enhanced Mail (PEM) generator.

Be sure to include the following particulars when generating each certificate:

Common Name. A single hostname or a wildcard name for wildcard certificates.
Type. The certificate’s classification as either a Certificate or a CSR.
File. The certificate’s name with the .pem or .csr extension.
Issuer. The Certificate Authority (CA) that endorsed the certificate. It’s important to note that this doesn’t apply to CSR files.
Status. Displays the certificate’s current status using colors: Valid (Green), Expired (Red), Will expire soon (Yellow).
Creation. Activation date. For CSR files, this is the date of file creation.
Expiration. The certificate’s expiry date. This doesn’t pertain to CSR files.

Important. To perform actions like downloading or deleting a specific certificate, utilize the checkbox next to the desired certificate. The download and delete options will become active.

These actions are used to oversee the LSLB farm section.

Upload a certificate. Opens a form for uploading a certificate in PEM format.
Generate a CSR. Opens a form to create a CSR file.
Generate PEM. Opens a form for creating PEM certificates.
Download. Downloads the selected certificates.
Delete. Removes the selected certificate.

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Next step, Generate a CSR certificate.

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