Unlock the Full Potential of Your ADC With our Tailored Technical Support Programs

Programs designed to meet various needs. Whether you’re an expert seeking software updates or a professional requiring round-the-clock assistance, we have a plan just for you.

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SKUDONET Support Plans Ensuring Timely and Efficient Assistance


SKUDONET’s support plans is entrusted to a team of highly skilled professionals, dedicated to providing users with prompt and efficient assistance.


350 €

/ node per year*
Subscription plan


  • Software Updates & Product Upgrades
  • No available cases
  • No support from SKUDONET Team
  • No email or remote assistance
  • No private chat
  • No Cybersecurity services

Highly Recommended

8x5 Support

850 €

/ node per year*
8x5 support plan


  • Software Updates & Product Upgrades
    Unlimited cases
  • 8×5 Support from SKUDONET Team
  • Max response time of 8 working hours
  • Technical support via email
  • No phone and chat support
  • No Cybersecurity services

24x7 Support

2.500 €

/ node per year*
24x7 Support plan


  • Software Updates & Product Upgrades
  • Unlimited cases
  • 24×7 Support by SKUDONET Team
  • Max response time of 8 hours
  • Access to email and remote assistance
  • Phone and chat support available
  • Inclusion of cybersecurity services
* Cluster service requires the same support plan for all nodes.

Specifications of ADC Support Plans

Explore the features and details that set our SKUDONET Support Plans unparalleled.

Scope of the services
Available Assets
Software Update

Access to the latest SKUDONET software releases.

Product Upgrades

Full system upgrades downloads accesibles.

Supported Platforms

Virtual, hardware, bare metal and Cloud.

Specialist Engineer

Direct communication with SKUDONET Engineers.

Cybersecurity Support

Remote services for real-time security updates and immediate IPDS module detection.

Supporting incidents
Supporting Incidents

Scalable Solutions for Uninterrupted Data Center Expansion.

Inmediate Hotfixes

Receive hotfixes without waiting for the next release.


Instant bug-free appliance assurance to mitigate zero-day attacks.

Official SKUDONET support documentation
Packages Repository

Including security updates to address vulnerabilities and potential threats.

Latest developments

Ensure you are informed about the most recent developments and new features.

Innovative Proposals

Your suggestions will be considered for inclusion in the development roadmap.

Support Portal

Online tool for connecting with support, reporting cases, downloading software, and more.

Security Alerts

Notifications about security threats and mitigation measures.

Knowledge Base

Access an updated online repository of quality technical articles and information.

Support Metrics

less than 3 hours

Less Than 3 Hours Average Response Time with 8×5 Plan.

less than 12 hours

Less Than 12 Hours Average Resolution Time with 8×5 Plan.

less than 24 hours

Less Than 24 HoursAverage Security Patches Response.

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We help you choose the correct distribution

Download Skudonet ADC Load Balancer
Community Edition

Source Code

A versatile and installable ADC system designed for diverse vendor hardware.


Installable ISO 

Load Balancing as a Service alongside an ADC orchestration toolkit.

Download Community Edition

Download Community Edition

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