Join an international open-source project to cultivate your skills alongside talented individuals.

Gain extensive knowledge of large-scale programming and infrastructure scalability.

Contribute to a globally impactful project with thousands of monthly deployments.


1. Access

IInstall SKUDONET via GitHub. Join the distribution list and share your experiences with fellow users. Stay updated by following us on social networks!

2. Learn

Refer to the documentation in the knowledge base and GitHub wiki for guidance. Reach out for assistance via the official distribution list. Stay informed about upcoming developments in the timeline. Report bug suggest new developments as needed.



3. Contribute

Your contributions are valuable. You can generate content, create documentation, translate documents, and document source code on the wiki. Share documents in HTML format through the distribution list. Support fellow users with doubts or configuration issues via the distribution list. Test the software, bug fixing, and contribute enhancements or new developments. Detailed information can be found in the ‘How to Contribute’ section of the README file in the official repository.

A Growing Community

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