7 Reasons SKUDONET is the best Load Balancing software in 2022

Load balancing solution is no longer what it used to be in the past. As technology improves, threats also multiply. This is a big concern for companies offering load balancing software. However, whether you’re new to these products or you’ve been a user for years, you need to watch out for some factors that can help you choose the best load balancing product on the market today.

Do you need to scale operations? You must be in search of a cost-effective means of doing that. What’s the best means of ensuring that your business maintains continuity through failover processes? What about security issues and concerns as your load balancer distributes traffic loads across multiple servers?

These are areas where SKUDONET excels, and having out-performed other load balancers that have been in existence before it, SKUDONET has become a household name, deserving recognition due to the performance of its various products.

That apart, the presence of many load balancers makes it so hard for some to choose which products they will buy. In this case, you can read further to see seven reasons why SKUDONET Enterprise Edition is the best for you in 2022 and beyond.

Here are the top seven reasons your business should switch to SKUDONET Enterprise today.

1. You know your options

This perspective should be highlighted first because many first-time load-balancing product buyers don’t seek to understand what options are available. Some purchase products that don’t fit into their requirements. These products may not be cost-effective after all. Get to know your options by going through SKUDONET knowledgebase online, or speak with an insider expert that could explain matters to you in simple terms you can understand.

2. SKUDONET Enterprise Edition – Ultimate Modern-Day Load Balancer

With SKUDONET Enterprise, your organization is assured of an application delivery controller (ADC) that manages load balancing, security, and high availability perfectly. Avoiding service disruptions, and offering the most accessible high availability solutions continues to be a major part of business operations for SKUDONET. The research and development culture in the company makes it the ultimate modern-day load balancer.

What is your need? Don’t assume that they can’t be met because SKUDONET has several support plans to meet any of its customers’ needs at this time. The products of the company continue to thrive in layers 2, 3, 4, and 7 with solid security enhancements. Moreover, the feedback obtained shows that users are attracted to the responsive GUI, and the easy upgrades and maintenance culture that SKUDONET offers.

3. Constant Updates Solves Security Issues

SKUDONET 6 Enterprise Edition arrived in June 2019 with new features that are also constantly receiving timely upgrades. In February 2022, SKUDONET introduced Enterprise Edition 6.2, which came about with new features and changes that served customers better than before. It solves major hardware security issues during cloud migration, and offers cutting-edge health checks of servers. Although some of the security risks remain the responsibility of the end user, security begins with SKUDONET’s products. With training and consultancy, users can be helped to fully comprehend their responsibility when it comes to causes of security threat in the cloud-based structure. Users are encouraged to update constantly to ward off negative attacks. It is good to note that no other load balancer out there upgrades software as much as SKUDONET does.

For security purposes, SKUDONET offers the following:
SSL Offload
A+ in SSL Labs and PCI compliance
Security analyzer

4. SKUDONET – An Award-Winning Product

The company’s work has not gone unnoticed. For two consecutive years, SKUDONET has received the awards in 2021 and 2022. The award that the company won in 2021 reflected much on the great user experience attached to SKUDONET products. This year, SKUDONET software is regarded as the most popular, after going through several years of constant refinement.

These represent a decade of ardent service to humanity. For the staff and customers, it can only get better. However, the company is also garnering other types of accolades that show how much customers really appreciate the products and services rendered. Good feedback, excellent performance, customer satisfaction – all these lead to awards.

5. SKUDONET Enterprise Product Features

The company is a winner when the product features are considered. Don’t forget that the team at SKUDONET is quick to adapt to new methods, while staying ahead of others in introducing new features. The features available in SKUDONET Enterprise include:

Load balancing
Content routing
Health Monitoring
Predefined Protocols
Redundancy checking
Reverse proxy
SSL offload

6. Enjoy Cloud-based load balancing

Today, more organizations are switching to cloud-based load balancers. It will interest you to know that apart from SKUDONET, no organization in the ADC solution sector does this well. With the company’s R&D arm, customers can now enjoy the best deployment with the use of the Enterprise edition.

7. Layer 7 Visibility

This is a major boost for SKUDONET, as the company is a pioneer of Seven-Layer Open System Interconnection (OSI). It is the most effective, though load balancing can be performed at various layers in the OSI. SKUDONET Layer 7 is more CPU-intensive, and rarely causes degraded performance on servers. Through Layer 7, it is also easy to make smarter load balancing decisions, to apply optimizations, and changes to the content.

SKUDONET Enterprise Edition Quick-View Benefits

Users enjoy the automation of scalable infrastructure through API
The website or app loads quickly even if there’s a technical issue
Manage and control everything from one control panel
The Enterprise Edition is equipped with advanced intrusion prevention and detection system that permits DDoS real-time protection
SKUDONET cutting-edge technology is perfectly scalable no matter what size the business is
There’s no limitation when it comes to memory concerns as the software performs with maximum resources that are available

Is SKUDONET Enterprise Cost-effective?

Of course! If there’s a feature that you like to know more about or you need to get a better understanding of the pricing of SKUDONET products, speak to the team. They’re always available to help customers with getting the right information regarding the best options even if the company that needs the product is a small outfit. SKUDONET customer support service response is quick and effective.

Other Advantages

Enterprise edition includes virtual, bare metal, hardware, and cloud. Micro-services platforms are also supported. The best way to enjoy the products is to have meaningful communication with the team at SKUDONET if you run into an issue. You will be educated on how to choose a product that you can enjoy for a long time. Enterprise products are delivered with long support, which means that they will take at least 6 years to become obsolete. You can avail yourself by making monthly payments or annual payments.

Final Thoughts

Forward-looking SKUDONET customers who have been on the Community Edition are now moving over to the Enterprise Edition because the benefits are immense, and these benefits transcend the cost when the two are compared. If security is an issue you’re grappling with, and you’re not on SKUDONET yet – trust SKUDONET Enterprise Edition to solve that problem efficiently.

This Enterprise Edition gives several reasons for load balancing technology companies to step up in their performance. Convince your corporate team to try Enterprise free, and you stand a chance to avail your company of continuous multiple benefits as this will surely lead you and your team to the best ADC solution for your environment.


Jude Chukwuemeka