Over the course of 2020, we have witnessed a lot of transformation, especially in business technology. When we hear about transformation, the first thing that comes to mind might be remote work-related tools. But currently, industries are more focused on Artificial Intelligence, especially on automation bots. Artificial Intelligence is introduced in this world to imitate human intelligence. Its main aim is to resolve the business problems with less human interference. When it comes to AI in cybersecurity, it acts as a double-edged sword that enables malicious attacks and also defends against cyberattacks.

First of all, let us understand how both technologies get connected to each other. In today’s business environment, cyberattacks are just getting bigger and that makes cybersecurity the most important part of the business. With the increase of cyber attacks, we realize that cybersecurity requires more than human engagement. Artificial Intelligence has immense potential in cybersecurity because it can analyze large numbers of files at a regular interval to find out potential risks. Artificial Intelligence in cybersecurity is constantly learning and improving processes that learn from previous cyberattack data and identify new threats.

Benefits of using Artificial Intelligence in Cybersecurity

In today’s fast-evolving world of cyber attacks, artificial intelligence drastically improves the business’s cybersecurity. AI has several benefits in cybersecurity and in this article, we will explore the benefits of using artificial intelligence in cybersecurity. Some of them are :

Detection of Unknown Cyber Threats: We all know that it’s not possible to detect all cyber threats by human beings. There are millions of cyber attacks with different intentions. Massive damage can be caused to the network by unknown threats. They can have worse impacts on the network before they can be identified, detected and prevented.AI is one of the best technologies in identifying and stopping such unknown threat attacks.

Handling of Massive Volumes of Data: On average a mid-sized company has huge traffic indicating a lot of activity is taking place on the company network leading to the transfer of a lot of data between customers and the company on a daily basis. Here comes the need of protecting the data from malicious people and software. Artificial Intelligence does so by creating algorithms to detect security threats automatically. It covers a wide range of IT network elements including shared files, e-mails, or visited sites. Artificial Intelligence processes data more thoroughly in a shorter time duration. Here the Artificial Intelligence security software is used with a more robust processor. These processors scan through huge data quickly and draw anomalies and solutions within minutes.

Keeping Cybersecurity Error Free: Error rates are significantly reduced as compared to human efforts as Artificial Intelligence is not tired or distracted by performing the same set of tasks. Securing the data while working on multiple pages is not humanly possible. However in this case one can leave data processing to Artificial Intelligence security. It quickly detects any cyber threatening factors, helping employees to more focus on other tasks rather than on threats. Thereby making the company more confident that the level of errors passing through cybersecurity is limited to a great extent.

Providing Better Vulnerability Management: Vulnerability Management is the main feature to secure a company’s network.AI assesses the system quickly, thereby increasing the problem-solving capability several folds. It identifies the weak points in the security network and helps businesses to focus on such points.

Overall Security: The threats faced by business networks are changing from time to time. With time hackers are changing their tactics to breach the security network. This is making the prioritization of security tasks difficult.You may have to deal with different attacks at a same time like phishing attacks, ransomware along a Denial-of-service attack.This can be prevented by deploying of AI on the network so that it can detect all types of attacks and help in preventing them.

Enhancing Detection and Response Time: AI is important in speeding up the detection of genuine issues.AI security easily handles the work volume.It gets more time to work on innovative strategies.These strategies could be improving the overall security structure, it could also be setting better cybersecurity in place.

Enhancement of Cyber Threat Detection and Automation: More automated security structures are being adopted with time,the AI is gaining its importance in Cybersecurity.Automation of Cyber Threat Detection means one can swiftly find links between potential risks and can act fast.AI uses reasoning that enables it to identify suspicious links, files, or data threats.It then goes towards launching a required response.

Securing Authentication: There are various business sites available that require user login, fill forms and make online payments. Such businesses require an extra layer of security.AI makes the Authentication process more secure by using the technique of physical recognition.AI uses some elements to recognize an individual like facial recognition, fingerprint scanning among other techniques of recognition. Then it uses main data points and detects whether the login is authentic or not.

In today’s competitive business environment it is not easy to secure data and networks. You can take preventive steps by fortifying your cybersecurity with Artificial Intelligence. There are several benefits of incorporating AI in your business security network. Soon AI will be an essential part of cybersecurity.


Gaurav Pratap