Data breaches are fearsome, they can alter the trajectory of our lives. Leakage of sensitive information causes irretrievable loss for individuals, governments, and organizations.

Users are creating humongous data, with each passing moment, increasing the threat of getting it compromised. A small vulnerability can create a domino effect and results in a data breach.

Lack of awareness and knowledge about the security concepts poses a greater threat to the public.

To protect yourselves and find out whether your data was compromised in the recent or past breaches, multiple websites collect the compromised data and allow the user to search for their personal information.

Have I Been Pwned is one of the most popular, oldest, and finest sites. It works hard to find breaches, confirm that they are authentic, and deliver the information to keep you up to date.

The website provides you with a simple search bar where you can find your leaked data, using your mobile no. or email address. The yielded result will be marked as ‘red’ if the pwnage that is breached data is found. All the breached accounts will be listed, with the data and source of information.

It provides a feature where if you sign up with the email alerts, you will be notified if the email address is found in a recent breach.

Dehashed is a hacked-database search engine, that allows individuals, companies, and organizations to search for their breached confidential information.

Dehashed provides multiple ways for searches that include:
o Username
o IP
o Email
o Phone Numbers
o VIN Numbers
o Addresses

Dehashed has a unique feature that allows reverse passwords and hashes search. The findings are listed according to the breaches. To unlock the full potential of the website, you need to buy the subscription, the advance pack allows real-time asset monitoring, multiple asset monitoring, and unlimited asset searches with 24/7 customer support.

Intelligence X
Intelligence X is a European technology firm, that develops and maintain search engine and data archives.

It differs from others in many ways:
1. IntelX allows multiple search terms – EMails, phone number, VIN, Bitcoin address, Domains, URL’s, IP’s, CIDR, IPFS, and hashes.
2. It explores the various part of the internet i.e. darknet or various document sharing platforms to optimize the search result.
3. It maintains the historical data archives, such as the Wayback Machine.

The IntelligenceX provides the source document of the breach, which consists of the leaked information, finding that would be a treasure as you can easily track your compromised information and take the necessary steps.

Breach checker is an open-source tool designed by Passbae. To provide breached accounts summary over the last years.

Users can search data using their emails, the output provides the threat level, how many accounts were compromised, and the last date of the breach. Information regarding each breached account is listed with the company name, Date of event, and status (Verified or unverified).

This website was inspired by ‘Have I Been Pwned’, created by bitfalls. The functionality provided by this platform is a bit different than the others listed here.

It ran a scan that whether your information was sold or not, as in most cases whenever a data breach incident occurs, hackers try to sell the leaked data on the darknet or web, in exchange for money.

For searching purposes, Email addresses are used. It provides an option to remove critical information from their database and additionally send an alert if a breach is recorded in the future. A small reference guide with steps is provided on how to stop your email from being sold.


No single method provides the absolute assurance that your data is safe or not, in case it’s not reported or up for sale, it will not be recorded by the websites. The best way is to check your personal information on multiple of these websites to increase traceability.

If a data breach is found then with immediate effect change the credentials and enable the security standards like multi/2FA authentication.


Sagar Tiwari