Introducing SKUDONET: Continuing Our Services with High Performance and Advanced Cybersecurity Solutions

We are excited to announce that SKUDONET, a well-established company in the ADC field, has undergone a transformation. However, you don’t need to worry because we are here to present to you the continuation of our services with the same enthusiastic team under a new brand – SKUDONET!

This distinctive name embodies the essence of our exciting vision for the future. ‘Skudo’ represents the Spanish pronunciation of the term ‘shield,’ while ‘net’ portrays our operational setting within the domain of the internet. This merging of words captures our dedication to providing online security. Just like a shield, we are here to fortify your online experiences, ensuring that each interaction on the web is as robust as it is secure.

To uphold all the software products, sections, and technical services, as well as the customer service attention that was previously offered by SKUDONET, we continue to rely on the same experienced team that has accumulated years of expertise and knowledge, paving the way for the sustained delivery of top-notch services.

We assure you that our values of high performance, simplicity, and flexibility in the ADC field remain unchanged. However, we are now excited to introduce a new aim – the expansion of our services by incorporating state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions into our portfolio.

What Can You Expect from SKUDONET?

With our evolution as SKUDONET, we are more determined than ever to be a leader in the field of ADC and cybersecurity. Our goal is to equip businesses with cutting-edge solutions that address their cybersecurity challenges and ensure the smooth operation of their IT services.

SKUDONET’s focus lies in delivering high performance and security on a massive scale. Our application delivery controller guarantees resilience, simplicity, and flexibility. By leveraging automation and advanced technology, we provide a platform that is both cost-effective and efficient.

Why Choose SKUDONET?

As data center traffic continues to grow, organizations face the challenge of avoiding system disruptions and downtime. Investing heavily in IT infrastructure becomes essential for maintaining business continuity and delivering fast, scalable services. However, traditional providers often come with vendor-lock-in solutions and limited development options, making them expensive choices for mid-sized and large enterprises.

That’s where SKUDONET steps in, offering a scalable solution that combines high performance with superior security. We prioritize ease of use, seamless failover, and optimized server efficiency for a reliable IT infrastructure. Our open-source approach and commitment to continuous improvement ensure that our users receive the best possible performance.

Discover SKUDONET and Join Us

If you are seeking a reliable partner to fulfill your load balancing and cybersecurity needs, SKUDONET is the answer you’ve been looking for. We offer consulting and development services to tailor solutions that fit your specific requirements. Our mission is to reduce risks, facilitate business growth, and create a flexible IT architecture that supports your company’s success.

To learn more about our evolution and the services we offer, we invite you to contact us and follow our LinkedIn profile to stay informed about our exciting upcoming news on how the transformation of SKUDONET can further enhance your organization’s performance and security.

Welcome to SKUDONET – your partner for high-performance ADC and state-of-the-art cybersecurity solutions!