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This section is about viewing SSL certificate information. When you click on a domain name in the Common Name column, the certificate’s details will appear.

In the provided image, clicking on a particular Common Name, for example * displays the certificate saved on the ADC.

After clicking the Common Name, the following information is displayed.

  • Version: The version of the SSL certificate format. The current version is 3.
  • Serial Number: A unique number that identifies the SSL certificate.
  • Validity: The start and end dates of the SSL certificate’s validity period.
  • Signature Algorithm: The cryptographic algorithm used to sign the SSL certificate. For this example, it is encryped with RSA and hashed with SHA5.
  • Issuer: The name of the certificate authority (CA) that issued the SSL certificate.
  • Subject: The name of the domain or organization that the SSL certificate is issued to.
  • Modulus: The public key of the SSL certificate, used to encrypt data sent to the server.
  • Exponent A small number used in conjunction with the modulus to encrypt and decrypt data.
  • X509v3 extensions Optional extensions that can be added to the SSL certificate to provide additional information or functionality.
  • Certificate The digital signature of the SSL certificate, issued by the CA.


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