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To create a bonding interface on SKUDONET ADC:

  1. Go to the NIC > Bonding section.
  2. Click the Create bonding button.
  3. Enter the Name that easily identifies the bonding interface.
  4. Select a Mode you’d like to use for this interface. The available modes include:
    • Round-robin policy: Sequential packet transmission across slave interfaces.
    • Active-backup policy: Single active slave interface; failover upon failure.
    • XOR policy: Traffic distribution based on source and destination MAC addresses.
    • Broadcast policy: Traffic transmission on all slave interfaces simultaneously.
    • IEEE 802.3ad LACP: Aggregation groups based on speed and duplex settings, with all active slave interfaces transmitting traffic.
    • Adaptive transmit load balancing: Traffic distribution based on the current slave interface load.
  5. Select the Slave interface from the provided list.
  6. Click Apply to create the bonding interface.

Additional notes

  • To restore an interface’s MAC address, you must delete the bonding interface that is using it. The bonding driver will then restore the interface’s original MAC address.
  • The bonding interface’s MAC address is taken from its first member interface.
  • An interface can only be part of one bonding interface.
  • Once an interface is part of a bonding interface, it will be locked.
  • The bonding mode cannot be changed after the bonding interface is created. However, member interfaces can be added or removed from the bonding interface as needed.

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