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Let’s Encrypt Certificate Overview

Within this segment, we delve into the SKUDONET Application Delivery Controller, an application that interfaces with the Let’s Encrypt framework to manage SSL certificates, and utilize them in the reverse proxy function within the load balancing module LSLB using the HTTPS profile.

Let’s Encrypt is a free, open, and automated certificate authority (CA) service accessible as a public resource on the Internet. It simplifies the acquisition of SSL/TLS digital certificates, verifying the authenticity of sites while also enabling encryption.

As Let’s Encrypt is an online service, the SKUDONET Application Delivery Controller requires direct access to Let’s Encrypt services to generate Certificates for Hosts (e.g., or Wildcard Certificates (e.g., * This communication occurs via the ACME protocol, facilitated over an encrypted secure channel.

lslb farm actions

The list of certificates provides the following details:

  • Common Name. Denotes the singular hostname or wildcard identity of a wildcard certificate. Access additional certificate information here.
  • Issuer. The certificate authority that endorses the certificate.
  • Domains. The domain(s) validated by the Authority.
  • Current Status. Color-coded representation of the certificate’s present condition:
    • Green. Valid certificate.
    • Yellow. Imminent certificate expiration; renewal pending.
    • Red. Expired certificate.
    • Orange. Awaiting Let’s Encrypt approval for issuance.
    • Gray. Invalid certificate.
  • Wildcard. Checked if a wildcard certificate is in use.
  • Creation. Indicates the certificate’s issuance date.
  • Expiration. Reflects the certificate’s expiration date.
  • Operational Actions. Employ these actions for each certificate:
    • Create certificate: Shows a form dedicated to certificate generation.
    • Delete. Eliminates the certificate from local storage and the Remote Let’s Encrypt Certificate Issuer.
    • Inspect DNS TXT Records. Applicable solely to Wildcard Certificates, aiding Let’s Encrypt’s validation process through DNS records during DNS lookup resolution.
    • Renew Certificate. To be utilized when a certificate is nearing expiration.
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