How to configure APT repository for SKUDONET Community Edition

POSTED ON 7 April, 2017


The goal of this article is to explain how to configure the public APT repository for installing or keeping updated your SKUDONET Community Edition 7. For Enterprise Edition, please use the official channels or contact with our Team.

This procedure has been tested in Debian Bookworm, base version used for SKUDONET >= 7.0.

Setting UP SKUDONET APT repository for Community Edition

1. Configure the APT public key

Enter in the command line of the load balancer, download and configure the APT public Key:

root@skudonetADC#> wget -O - | apt-key add -
root@skudonetADC#> cp /etc/apt/trusted.gpg /etc/apt/trusted.gpg.d/

2. Configure the official APT repository

Add the remote repository to the local APT configuration file.

root@skudonetADC#> vi  /etc/apt/sources.list.d/skudonet.list

Add the following line to the current apt configuration for SKUDONET 7.

deb bookworm main

Save and Quit.

3. Update the local package list

root@skudonetADC#> apt update --no-list-cleanup -o Dir::Etc::sourceparts="-" -o Dir::Etc::sourcelist="sources.list.d/skudonet.list"
root@skudonetADC#> apt upgrade --with-new-pkgs  -o Dir::Etc::sourceparts="-" -o Dir::Etc::sourcelist="sources.list.d/skudonet.list"

4. Check if there is a new release

Check if there is a new SKUDONET version or make a fresh install SKUDONET Load Balancer upon your fresh Debian base.

root@skudonetADC#> apt-get install skudonet
root@skudonetADC#> apt-get install skudonet-gui-core
root@skdudonetADC#> apt-get install skudonet-ce-cluster

Take into account that SKUDONET 7 includes the tool checkupdates, this script connects to SKUDONET 7 CE repository and checks if some SKUDONET packages are pending of update.

root@skudonetADC#> /usr/local/skudonet/bin/checkupdates
Skudonet Packages are up-to-date.

Once the configuration packages are added please update the apt database with the following command:

root@skudonetADC#> apt-get update

Done, your SKUDONET Community Edition is ready to go!!!!

Note: SKUDONET load balancer uses some packages from Debian public repositories, please ensure that additional Debian repositories are configured.

For SKUDONET 7 CE (Based in Debian Bookworm)

root@skduonetADC#> cat /etc/apt/sources.list
deb bookworm contrib main non-free non-free-firmware
deb bookworm-updates contrib main non-free non-free-firmware
deb bookworm-proposed-updates contrib main non-free non-free-firmware
deb bookworm-backports contrib main non-free non-free-firmware
deb bookworm-security contrib main non-free non-free-firmware
root@skudonetADC#> cat /etc/apt/sources.list.d/skudonet.list
#official SKUDONET repository
deb bookworm main

SKUDONET CE packages generation policy

SKUDONET APT repository is nightly checking for source code updates to its public github repository ( ) if any update is done in the source code version then a new SKUDONET deb package will be generated and updated in the APT repository automatically.

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