User experience doesn’t have to be a limitation to access to high technology. For that reason at SKUDONET we take care usability and management easiness to provide cutting edge networking abilities, that we’re leveraging in this upcoming release EE 5.2.

Advanced health checks templates, monitoring management improved with backend and networking aliases, new farm abilities to improve tracing and API optimization are key in this release in terms of user usability.

Advanced Health Checks Templates

In the Monitoring section a new subsection dedicated to Farm Guardian templates are included which provides a list of the most common advanced health checks used by all kind of farms.

In this new advanced health check template list, they are completely configurable providing the name, description of what the health check provides, command or script to execute wit parameters, interval between checks, force to cut or drain the current connections when a backend is detected as down, optional logging support and the farms that are using such health check.

Also, we can easily create other advanced health checks based on an already created template to ease the customization and adaptation to every kind of application or service. We can assign a certain health check for one or several farms.

One of the desired future feature will be to select different health check per farm.

Backend and network aliases

Aliases are customized descriptions, tags or pseudonyms related to objects like IP addresses or network interfaces to ease the life of sysadmins, network administrators and devops. This new ability with a good management practice can provide a higher level of abstraction about networking management and avoid to know the networking configuration details of an infrastructure.

This new feature is included in the Monitoring section and we can create aliases for backend ip addresses and network interfaces. Such created aliases will be automatically used in the farms and networking sections, respectively. All kind of farms and network interfaces supports this new great abilities.

Network operations and administrators will really love this new feature.

Traffic tracing and farm new properties

Application delivery virtual services are now able to provide traffic tracing logs in order to analyze the complete flows from clients to backends that are passing through the load balancer.

Also, the LSLB HTTP farms have a new advanced option to modify HTTP request headers that matches with a list of fixed or regular expression headers.

In terms of farms security, the option Strict Transport Security can be enabled or disabled on demand, although this is enabled by default. Also, an easier SSL certificates management has been included with a user friendly color status that indicates when the SSL certificates status.

New redirect options with customizable responses like HTTP 301, 302 and 307 are included, as well as a new session to provide L4 current sessions table.

Also, activation certificates are better managed with new notifications in the top section of the web GUI when they’re close to expire.

Optimized new API 3.2

SKUDONET EE 5.2 brings a new API specification (although older APIs are still supported) with brand new key features like RBAC and IPv6 support which have been a great challenge from the user graphic interface point of view.

In addition, memory optimizations in the API side and HTTP requests minimization from the web GUI have been implemented in order to provide a faster response from the user side.

Finally, we’re sure that this new release is going to be loved by all of you. In order to update, just ensure you have a Support Plan in place.

Enjoy the state-of-the-art of Application Delivery UX, by SKUDONET!