We are proud to announce the brand new SKUDONET 6 Enterprise Edition release that is available for evaluation. New features are:

New layer 4 core technology (nftlb) that permits 10x more performance and further programmability.
Direct Server Return and stateless dNAT L4 architectures.
Configurable L4 flow persistence.
New L4 protocols like sctp, netbios, snmp, pptp, h323, and more.
Websocket support for HTTP/s.
Support of OpenSSL 1.1.
Web Application Firewall for HTTP/S
New web GUI based on Angular 6.
DHCP full support.
MAC address configuration.
Full automation with API v4.
Lots of optimizations in the API and system side.
Long Term Support (LTS) kernel with the assurance of, at least, 6 years of maintenance.

One full year has been required to spend in this new release that comes with a broad Q&A test suite with more than 4000 test cases.

Find all the details on our Timeline. Ensure to have an active Support Plan to maintain the availability of your application up to date!