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POSTED ON 24 October, 2023

SSL Certificates List

This section lists all SSL certificates that are installed on the appliance and can be used by LSLB farms.
SSL certificates are used to encrypt traffic between the load balancer and the backend servers.

You can upload existing SSL certificates or generate new ones using the Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generator or the Private Enhanced Mail (PEM) generator.

When generating a new certificate, be sure to include the following details:

Common Name: This is the domain name or subdomain name that the certificate is valid for. For example, or a wild card domain *
Type: This indicates whether the certificate is a complete certificate or a Certificate Signing Request (CSR). A CSR is a request for a certificate from a Certificate Authority (CA).
File: This is the name of the certificate file. Certificate files typically have a .pem or .crt extension. CSR files typically have a .csr extension.
Issuer: This is the CA that signed the certificate. This field does not apply to CSR files.
Status: This indicates the current status of the certificate:

  • Valid: The certificate is valid and can be used.
  • Expired: The certificate has expired and can no longer be used.
  • Will expire soon: The certificate will expire soon and should be renewed.

Creation: This is the date the certificate was created.
Expiration: This is the date the certificate expires.

To download or delete a certificate, click the checkbox next to the certificate you want to take action on. The Download and Delete buttons will then become active.

These are the actions used to manage the LSLB farm certificates:

  • Upload certificate: This action allows you to upload a certificate file in PEM format.
  • Generate CSR: This action allows you to generate a Certificate Signing Request (CSR) file.
  • Download: This action allows you to download the selected certificates.
  • Delete: This action allows you to delete the selected certificate.

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