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POSTED ON 16 October, 2023

To update or modify a virtual interface in Skudonet:

  1. Go to the Network > Virtual Interface page.
  2. Locate the virtual interface that you want to update or modify.
  3. Click the Edit button next to the virtual interface.
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  5. Make the necessary changes to the following attributes:
    • IP Address: The network-layer IP address assigned to the interface.
    • Netmask/CIDR: The subnet mask is inherited by the virtual interface from its parent.
    • Gateway: The default gateway is inherited from the parent interface to the virtual interface.
  6. Click the Apply button to save your changes.

Important Notice!

  • The Name, Virtual Interface tag, and MAC attributes cannot be edited.
  • If you are changing the IP address of the virtual interface, make sure that the new IP address is on the same network as the Parent interface.
  • If you are changing the Netmask or Gateway of the virtual interface, make sure that the new values are valid and compatible with the parent interface.

Once you have updated or modified the virtual interface, it will be brought up automatically. You can revert any changes that you make by clicking the Revert changes button.

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