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A WAF ruleset is a group of WAF rules that are designed to protect against a specific type of attack or threat. For example, there might be a ruleset for protecting against SQL injection attacks, another ruleset for protecting against cross-site scripting attacks, and so on

WAF rulesets can be pre-configured or custom-created. Pre-configured rulesets are typically developed by SKUDONET security experts and are designed to protect against the most common types of attacks. Custom rulesets can be created to address specific threats or vulnerabilities that are unique to your organization.

How to create a new WAF ruleset

  1. Go to IPDS > WAF > Rulesets.
  2. Click the Create WAF ruleset button.
  3. Fill in the required information:
    • Name: A memorable name for the ruleset.
    • Copy from ruleset: Select an existing ruleset to copy. This is useful for testing new rulesets without modifying the originals.
    • Rules: Select the rules to include in the new ruleset.
  4. Click Apply to create the new ruleset.

Additional information:

If you modify a rule from the skudonet-ipds package, it will not be updated when the package is upgraded. These rules will be used instead of the original ones.

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