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Role-based access control (RBAC) roles allow you to manage permissions for your team based on objects and actions. This means that you can define a set of permissions for a specific role, and then assign that role to users or groups. All users and groups in a role will inherit the permissions of that role.

RBAC roles are a great way to simplify permission management and ensure that your team members have the right permissions to do their jobs.

Here’s an example of how you could use RBAC roles. You could create a role called:

  • Administrator that has permission to access all objects and perform all actions.
  • Viewer that has permission to view all objects but cannot perform any actions.
  • Load Balancer Administrator that has permission to access and manage all load balancers.

You could then assign these roles to users or groups based on their job duties. For example, you could assign the Administrator role to your senior team members, the Viewer role to your new team members, and the Load Balancer Administrator role to your team members who manage load balancers.

To manage RBAC roles, you can use the following Actions:

  • Create role: Creates a new role.
  • Edit: Edits the details of an existing role.
  • Delete: Deletes a role and all of its configurations from the system.

RBAC roles are a powerful tool for managing permissions and ensuring that your team members have the right permissions to do their jobs. By using RBAC roles, you can simplify permission management and improve the security of your system.

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