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POSTED ON 13 November, 2023

Updating LSLB Farm Profiles

This section allows you to Modify the configuration of LSLB farms. Each farm profile has different parameters because it manages its own traffic based on the applied layer of the OSI model.

L4xNAT farm profile

The L4xNAT farm profile allows you to create an LSLB farm at Network layer (layer 4) with high performance and concurrency. It can bind a range of ports, not just a single port. To update the L4xNAT farm profile, Go to LSLB | Farms | Update | L4xNAT Profile.

HTTP farm profile

The HTTP farm profile manages content switching at the Application layer (layer 7) of the OSI model for both HTTP and HTTPS traffic. To update the HTTP farm profile, Go to LSLB | Farms | Update | HTTP Profile.

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